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Bathroom Shower Ideas For Relaxing: 42 Bathroom Shower Stall Ideas ~ lanewstalk.com Bathrooms Ideas Inspiration

March 17th, 2014. Bathrooms Ideas, Bathroom Shower Ideas For Relaxing.

When talking about bathroom, we are faced with two options: shower or tub. Some will choose tub, some will choose both and the other will choose shower. Some people said that they do not need to renovate or even designing shower area since it is the wettest area. Indeed, they used this area for the shortest time when they are in the bathroom. They thought that a shower area must be as functional as it can. So, that is why some people choose to build a shower area with minim design and décor. But, with a simple renovation, a shower area is not just a functional stuff in a bathroom anymore. It can be a relaxing area to recharge your body.

You can choose the material for the surface of the shower area. Don’t forget to make sure it safe and not slippery; durable and easy to clean. One best option is smooth river rocks, which will give you a reflexology, with waterproof plaster to make them stick together. Use the showerhead based on your need. A wider showerhead, like 8 inches, will give you more comfortable spray but still saves the water. You will get the feeling of standing under the rainfall. Then, ensure you give enough lights so that the shower area has a warmer quality. And for the last put some natural décor, for example a blooming orchid from the back yard. Just apply this bathroom shower ideas and get a fresher body. It is easy, right?

42 84 127 Bathroom Design Ideas 13Bathroom Shower Ideas For Relaxing: 42 84 127 Bathroom Design Ideas 13 ~ lanewstalk.com Bathrooms Ideas Inspiration

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Bathroom Shower Ideas For Relaxing : 42 Bathroom Shower Stall IdeasBathroom Shower Ideas For Relaxing : 42 84 127 Bathroom Design Ideas 13
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